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by Mike Anton

Hello, people of the internet, and welcome to The Inclusive. Seeing as this is an introductory post, it only seems fitting to introduce ourselves, the staff and creative behind the site. But that will prove a bit difficult as, well, there are a lot of us. As many people as there are who read the site, or can write cogent thoughts, or know English.

Whenever I tried to pitch people on this idea, I had a hard time trying to explain something that is essentially quite simple. This is a website dedicated to bringing together the best original work that we can offer. Which seems simple enough. You gather the best writers you know and you're off to the races. A creative writing major here, a journalist there, someone grad school student who loves anthropology (or Anthropologie) and there you go. Boom. Another website on the internet.

The Inclusive aims to be different by including everyone. So many of us are talented people who work a nine-to-five who have one great idea but nowhere to put it. So many of us are trying to get jobs in an increasingly demanding world where writers keep getting older while their readership keeps getting younger. So many of us are tired of being didactically told how to think by people who we don't agree with but are forced to out of a lack of options. And if we do have the drive to get this accomplished, that means we tumble or press words or blog away incessantly in this tiny corner of the internet trying to get eyes to our one specific site doing our one specific thing just like the millions of other ones out there.

In a time where the internet has almost wholly democratizatized music and short films (that's a loose term) writing is still stuck in an old-fashioned, print magazine-based meirtocracy. You can't have something worth reading if you're not at This Place or writing under This Name. Legitimacy takes a pivotol role. But that's not the case at your local bar when you're talking about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offense or at a party discussing the best Back to the Future film. We can talk freely and intelligently everywhere else: why not on the internet?

Thus came The Inclusive, a brainchild brought to silicon life with the help of my friends Scott (our web guru) and Erik (designer). Together, we created this minimalist space that features the only thing that matters: the work. There are no ads (yet - let me cover my ass just in case), no fancy coding. Just great work from great writers.

We will start with a base of writers that consist or staff, culled from friends and friends of friends over the course of my life. These talented individuals will cover a lot of ground under our posting topics (listed up above) including, and certainly not limited to, growing up as you travel around Europe, the lost art of the music video, understanding bands through their concerts, a round-up of the best news of the week, great beers of the world, and cracked views through three different comics. It's a wonderful collection of views that I can't wait to share with the rest of you.

The final, most crucial element is you. Every Tuesday and Thursday to start--with more time allotted as demand necessitates--we will post a non-column post by you. Yes you. Whoever you are. Think of something interesting to stay on a topic that spurs you to write a piece between 800-3000 words and submit it for a chance to get it posted in this space. If it's good and worth reading, then it'll go up. Simple as that. Please send all submissions to: subs[at] We're dying to hear from you.

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Mike Anton is the Editor at The Inclusive and hates writing in third person. He writes a lot of stuff and sometimes it works out pretty well. Get in contact with me him at mike.anton[at]