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80's Jamz - Timeless, Feel Good Music

by Wes Grady

Power chords, boy bands, sampled classics, what do they all have in common? All elements to the music industry's equation for success. Whether its hip-hop turning into techno, a band with an edgy name or a person wearing a meat dress, people eat this shit up. Music gimmicks come and go but the classics will forever stay golden. The 80's brought that feel good music.

Big Country makes me want to do an Irish jig or at least some stationary horse galloping.  Isn't that what its all about?


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Notable comment: this was my cocaine theme song, while i was at work ;) - Hittman305

Def Leppard is one of my favorite 80's bands. From rock jams to love ballads, they got it all. Their greatest hits album is well worth the consequences of an illegal download. They are commonly known as the band with a one-armed drummer who has the majestic nickname "Thunder God".  I'm surprised DL held onto Thunder God all the way through; I would've dropped him like a bad habit after he lost his arm.  Who'd know if Rock Band would exist today if it wasn't for this guy.



Notable comment: I hate this video 'cause there are real animals... who's know how many pain suffers every elephant in this video... - ivanovosixx  

Do you like to party? Cause I sure as hell do. Music and the TV turned up, that's how I roll. This song goes out to all the cokewhoresluts of the 80's. Rick James is finally making up for what he did to Eddie's suede couch. Gotta love the choreographed claps.  DARKNESS!!!



Notable comment: Can't wait to hear Glee's version of this! - TheFLABH 

Additional notable comment: They did the music video and the recording in one take AT THE SAME TIME! - MardyAss

The following song reminds me of wrestling around with a bunch of hot sweaty teenagers. No, I'm not talking about that Garden State Parkway rest stop orgy on craigslist. The high school wrestling room had the thermostat and the tunes up, nothing but monster ballads and the Visionquest soundtrack on repeat.  I have no idea why they didn't play this in and out of commercial on every news station when hurricane Irene came roaring.



Notable comment: I FUCK MY WIFE TO THIS SONG!!!! - sweer58441

"And what's your little name?....Purple-Sticky-Punch...You're gonna make someone really happy"  Movies do so much for songs, especially dance montages.  The Pauly Shore classic Bio-Dome introduced me to the Safety Dance in a montage to reach 100% homeostasis level, as seen here.  I would've made that the main video if i didn't like the original so much.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see a remake since no one can seem to come up with anything original these days.



Notable comment: Never felt so homosexual for 2 minutes and 44 seconds of my life. - Aerba54

Wes Grady: I'm a Leo. I like long, slow walks on the beach. I'm looking for someone who doesn't piss me off and enjoys internet videos as much as I do. I pride myself in not being an expert in any specific field but rather being an enthusiast of everything the world has to offer. Contact him at wes.grady[at]